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A Better Tomorrow

A Better Tomorrow

Director: John Woo
Cast: Leslie Cheung, Chow Yun Fat, Ti Lung, Waise Lee
Production Year: 1984
Duration: 123 mins
Award(s): 1986 Golden Horse Awards - Best Director : John Woo
1986 Golden Horse Awards - Best Actor : Ti Lung
1986 Golden Horse Awards - Best Cinematography
1986 Golden Horse Awards - Best Film Recording
1987 HK Film Awards - Best Film
1987 HK Film Awards - Best Actor : Chow Yun Fat

Hailed as one of Hong Kong film’s most revered gems, A Better Tomorrow has had a profound influence on the Hong Kong gangster genre and its international appeal.

In his award-winning role, Chow Yun Fat plays Mark, a man of honour in a world of dishonour. A sidekick to his former gang boss Tse-Ho (Ti Lung), Mark finds himself out of favour when his boss is sent to the slammer. Upon finishing his sentence, Tse-Ho comes out of jail repentant and determined to turn over a new leaf for the sake of his policeman brother, Kit (Leslie Cheung) and their ailing relationship, but Tse-Ho’s old lackey Shing (Waise Lee), now a crime boss, is equally determined to take Kit out of the picture and lure Tse-Ho back into his old ways, at any cost.

With Kit intent on taking down Shing and his gang, he will have to form an uneasy alliance with Tse-Ho and Mark to take him down, culminating in a final showdown marked with John Woo’s signature blazing guns and explosive action sequences.