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Bruce Lee

One of the most legendary icons of Asian cinema, kung fu legend Bruce Lee has arguably done more to elevate the popularity of traditional Hong Kong martial arts films the world over than any other person.

Lee starred in his first leading role in the 1971 box office hit The Big Boss, followed by the success of the classic films Fist of Fury and The Way of the Dragon. Lee’s unique lightning fast fighting style, and sense of national pride portrayed in his films had been previously unseen in kung fu movies in the past, reinvigorating new life into the genre, and creating a superstar in Lee.

Seemingly in his prime, Lee unexpectedly died upon the completion of his next film Enter the Dragon in 1973. The film would go on to be one of the year’s highest grossing films, and experienced immense success in the U.S. and Europe cementing Lee’s international celebrity status.

Upon of the 1978 release of his final film Game of Death, portraying him in his iconic yellow jumpsuit, Lee had already left his mark on the cinematic world. Years on, through his timeless films, and countless admirers, his legacy is forever cemented as a kung fu legend and cultural icon.