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Tsui Hark

Widely regarded as one of the main contributors to the birth of Hong Kong `new wave' cinema in the early seventies and eighties, Tsui Hark is lauded as one of Hong Kong's most influential filmmakers.

Tsui grew up in Vietnam and Hong Kong, before moving to Texas to study film, graduating in 1975. Upon his return to Hong Kong in 1977, he began to direct feature films, releasing his 1979 debut The Butterfly Murders, followed by We're Going to Eat You and Dangerous Encounters of the First Kind. Tsui was praised for his early films' gritty and honest portrayal of contemporary urban Hong Kong, offering audiences a darker and more realistic approach to filmmaking.

By the early eighties, Tsui began to delve into more commercial filmmaking, finding success with the All The Wrong Clues and Zu: Warriors from the Magic Mountain. He formed the production company Film Workshop in 1984 with his wife Nansun Shi, directing classic films such as Peking Opera Blues and the Once Upon a Time in China series of films, and more recently Seven Swords.