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Love On a Diet

Love On a Diet

Director: Johnnie To, Wai Ka-fai
Cast: Andy Lau, Sammi Cheng
Production Year: 2001
Duration: 95 mins
Award(s): -

Meet MINI, a Chinese ex-pat residing in Japan who weighs over 300 lbs. Maybe it’s because of her weight problem, Mini leads a lonely and unhappy life. Worshipping music superstar TAKENO is the only thing that cheers Mini up. This is why she decides to follow Takeno as he goes on a concert tour.

BIGGIE lives one floor beneath Mini. Like Mini, he’s a Chinese ex-pat who’s overweight. Unlike Mini though, Biggie has an upbeat and cheerful personality. By day he works as a kitchen knife salesman. By night he hangs out with his eating buddies to have a good time.

Mini and Biggie never meet each other until one-day Biggie stops Mini from killing herself. Mini’s reason is simple: The end of Takeno’s concert tour means her only reason for living is gone. Biggie sympathizes with Mini and lets her stay at his place.

Biggie soon learns the true story behind Mini’s depression. It turns out Mini and Takeno were lovers years ago. Thee two parted ways when Takeno went abroad to study music. Although the couple made a vow to reunite, the distance between them proved too much for Mini to handle. Eating was her only way to ease the pain. Soon Mini turned into what she is today.

Mini never dreams of reuniting with Takeno; especially not after reading in the papers that he’ll wed fiancé KUDO. But one day the unexpected thing happens: Takeno confesses on live TV that his true love has always been Mini, and that he’d like to reunite with her.

Mini wants to see Takeno again but how is that possible with the 300 lbs. on her body? Mini turns to Biggie for help. At first doubtful, Biggie understands Mini’s determination and becomes her personal trainer. He puts Mini on a grueling diet program and gives her encouragement every step of the way. Soon affection develops between the two.

Mini miraculously loses weight and reunites with Takeno. But deep inside her heart, she just can’t get Biggie out of her mind. Mini realizes this fat guy, who has been there all along for her, is indeed her true love.