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Needing You

Needing You

Director: Johnnie To, Wai Ka-fai
Cast: Andy Lau, Sammi Cheng
Production Year: 2000
Duration: 104 mins
Award(s): -

Andy is the manager of a computer circuit board company. His work efficiency and good connections earn him an admirable reputation in the industry. Andy has a clear goal for his career, but he‘s at a loss about love. His divorce with Lisa is a proof of this.

Kinki is a dutiful office assistant in Andy‘s company. She is a romantic who longs for a perfect relationship. Things, however, don’t turn out the way Kinki wants: As her friends get married one of another, her relationship with Dan remains static.

Kinki gets transferred to Andy’s division when her boss faces pressure from office politics. Kinki has heard tales of Andy as a womanizer and wants to quit. Andy himself is against Kinki‘s transfer. He thinks she’s emotionally-unstable when he overhears her arguing with Dan on the phone in the office. Andy, however, has no choice but to hire Kinki for a month before letting her go.

Working together helps Andy and Kinki to renew their impression of each other. Kinki discovers Andy’s dedication to work while Andy is impressed with the hours Kinki put in everyday for him. Andy‘s successful business deals turn Kinki into his trustful assistant. But the two‘s relationship becomes the office‘s latest gossip.

Andy‘s old love Ying contacts Andy after his divorce. Ying’s unhappy marriage triggers her desire to retrieve the two‘s relationship. She keeps probing Andy‘s feeling for her, but Andy can’t give her any promise.

Kinki always puts up with Dan‘s cold and selfish attitude because of her desire for marriage. But when Dan has an affair with another woman, she makes the painful decision of breaking up with him. Loosing love is tough on Kinki, but Andy’s comforting words bring her timely relief.

Andy decides to take Ying along to a company outing so to put an end to co-workers‘ gossips about him and Kinki. But the intimacy manifested between Andy and Kinki on the trip only makes Ying jealous. Andy’s tender words touch Kinki‘s heart and rekindle her desire for love.

Andy is unaware of his feelings for Kinki. He begins to sense a change in his heart when visiting Kinki in the hospital after she collapses at work. It is only when Ying sets up Kinki with Roger , and when his ex-wife Lisa offers revelatory words does Andy realize that he‘s in love with Kinki.

Andy wants to confess his feeling to Kinki, but he feels the angst of a teenager experiencing first love. In the mean time, Andy’s boss Ronald plots to get rid of Andy. While Andy and Kinki strategize to strike back, Kinki‘s presence relieves Andy’s pressure and strengthens his desire for her.

When Kinki goes to Andy‘s house to inform him a crucial lead that can turn over Ronald’s charges, she runs into Andy and Ying together in his apartment. Kinki is upset, and yet her feeling for Andy remains. Andy knows his relationship with Ying is going nowhere, and decides to explain everything to Kinki after he resolves his career crisis...